Write, link, then game with homebrew content

Create Fantasy Worlds

Host your own virtual tabletop experience that friends can join and interact with live.

World map generated using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

Write Pages for People, Places, Items, Monsters

Easily create and organize wiki pages into a folder structure so that any detail about your world won't get lost.

Character art generated using dmheros.com

Link Pages to Maps

Place map pins for any wiki page to show where they are in relation to everything else in your setting.

Nighchester map generated using Watawatabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Manage Permissions to Limit Spoilers

Define permissions on any wiki page and model so that you can control exactly what is revealed to players.

Import and Export Content

Export wiki page folders, content, and models to save for later. A Dungeons and Dragons 5e content archive is available here to import the SRD basic rules, monsters, and models.

SRD content archive is available through the OGL license here.

Credit goes to mz4520 for creating the monster models and providing them for free under the Creative Commons license. Please check out his work and support him on Thingiverse.

Self Host a Server for Zero-Cost Games

Run RPGTools natively on any OS. No web hosting service or subscription required. See details at the RPGTools github repo.

View Demo

Check out the public demo at thezachcave.com